Volunteers Welcome!

One of the most meaningful things you can do for someone in an assisted living facility is share some quality time together.

Whether visiting a loved one, neighbor, or new friend who may not have family nearby, spending time with those in an assisted living facility can be meaningful and enjoyable. But these visits are not without their challenges. How do you make sure both you and the resident(s) make the most of limited time? Which topics will keep conversation engaging? What activities will be most entertaining? Not sure where to start?

We have some quick and easy ideas to get the conversation going and even a list of items for you to consider. Surprise residents with a board game, a deck of cards, or a craft project to pass the time playfully. Bring a photo album or journal to help new friends organize and document memories. Feel free to mix and match depending on your time and budget.

No matter what you bring, you're sure to light up someone's day.

If you have some spare time that you would like to volunteer, please
let us know when you might be available and what you have to offer.

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