"My Aunt became a resident of the Manor of Ojai in early March, 2015. She needed a higher level of care than what was being provided by an in-home care giver so she moved into the Manor. The facility provides a clean, peaceful, home like atmosphere at a reasonable cost, while providing the 24 hour services she was unable to obtain at home. The staff is friendly and caring providing delicious home cook meals three times a day (plus snacks my Aunt loves). The activities are engaging and fun! Aunt Betty loves the games and crafts. I would recommend the Manor of Ojai to anyone who needs a loving, caring atmosphere for a friend or loved one in need of 24 hour services."

"Very friendly, welcoming, helpful and clean. Homemade food and personal attention. Very reasonably priced!"

"In July of 2009 my Mother became a resident of the Ojai Manor. She had been living with my wife and I for 6 months and the situation was very difficult because of several falls and irrational behavior. For the next 3 years and 4 months I visited her most every day. On Sundays I would bring my Father over for piano playing, singing and dinner to be with his sweetheart. The meals were always very good and I was always welcome to dine with them (free of charge). I befriended many of the residents there and it was always interesting to hear their stories. The Manor offered bingo games, exercise classes, Jeopardy, and Salon Day for the ladies to get their hair done. Also Holiday parties and birthday parties decorated to the hilt. The most important thing was her caregivers hands-on care. She was kept on a regular schedule of getting up, bathing, eating, exercising, taking her meds and whatever else needed to be done. My Mother adored her caregivers. When there was a Doctors appointment and I could not do it they would take her. Halina runs a very professional staff following all of the rules that are required of her business. Most importantly all was done in a very loving way. My Mother passed in November of 2012 at 90 years old. I will forever appreciate the Manor of Ojai for making her last years as wonderful as possible."

We moved my Mom into the Manor of Ojai ten months ago because she just couldn't live on her own anymore. She was hesitant to go and we were very nervous about it but it became clear early on that this would be a great move for her and our family. She has made lots of friends. She enjoys the food and the staff is very helpful. The staff has made a concerted effort to help my mom walk more. My mother can be very stubborn and often wants to stay in her wheel chair but doctor's orders are for her to walk everyday. The staff has done a great job in helping us with this and doing it in a loving way. Thank you so much."
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